DynaScan 360˚ LED Displays
2009-01-Inaugural-MarriottDynascan content for the Marriott in D.C. for the 2009 Inauguration. See the content to the right.


LED Displays
New York for the Mazda corp. for use at their booth outside of the Javitts Center in Manhatten.
This video piece was edited together in the middle of the night in a hotel room with my G4 laptop in New York for the Mazda corp. for use at their booth outside of the Javitts Center in Manhatten. I also did some quick animations for alternate screens – *** the reason the video has a strange aspect ratio was that it was displayed by splitting the signal to 4 seperate video walls check out the video clip below.
LED Displays


Special Event Projection Content
 Projection & plasma displays for an event at the Corcoran in D.C.
Custom projection array designed specifically for the Hilton in D.C. . CPR MultiMedia Solutions provided video, video switching, cameras and creative tied in with customs video projected signs for messaging and eye candy to reinforce the theme of the event. I created all the custom content and was the on-site technician serving the content via Grass Valley Turbos.


Flat Panel Display Arrays
Christie Microtiles
One of the hottest items in digital signage, Christie Microtiles. Video building blocks to most, which are infact mini self-contained, rear projection cubes that can be connected in a variety of shapes to display video.I am a Christie trained technician and I can create MicroTile content. Taking display technology to a new level, Christie MicroTiles are built on proven DLP technology and specifically designed for maximum image quality in demanding indoor, high ambient light environments. Christie MicroTiles are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including architectural elements, out-of-home advertising, command and control video walls, and event production.
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